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Current & Past Clients

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Strategic Planning Consulting


"Being a grassroots organization, Sisters In Christ’s resources were limited, but our connection to Optimize Passion enabled our organization to be introduced to a strategic process that allowed us to grow and move forward confidently and expeditiously. It was extremely important to our agency to build capacity and move forward.  

This relationship established with Optimize Passion gave us access to key resources that have made a significant impact in our mission and strategically planning for the next three years.  I know and believe meeting Jennifer was part of the destiny plan for Sisters In Christ.  Her vision to build capacity in the nonprofit world of people of color is true and honest.  

I humbly admit I did not know as a nonprofit founder exactly where this journey was going to take the assignment that has been placed on my life, but I do know for a fact it was a God-given strategy that brought Jennifer and Optimize Passion into the plan that God had for Sisters In Christ.  It was worth the investment and definitely has challenged our thinking regarding nonprofit leadership, how to maximize funding resources and establish greater business relationships to enhance the growth of our position in the community we serve.

Thank you, Jennifer, and Optimize Passion for your real commitment to the mission of thriving!

-Carolyn Whitney, Founder & CEO, Sisters In Christ

Nonprofit Startup Consulting 
"Jennifer Alexander's expertise was vital during the first stages of developing our nonprofit.  She walked us through the 501c3 paperwork, advised us on what insurance we would need, and even connected us with our insurance broker.  Without her, we would be months behind schedule.  We reached out to Jennifer for startup guidance in May 2020, incorporated our nonprofit in July, and received federal 501c3 status in November."
-Emily Boullear, Co-Founder, Free Thought

"My Angel Lives has been an active organization for 6 years but recently gained 501c3 status nearly a year ago.  Your videos have been extremely helpful in assisting me in moving forward.  Optimize Passion is the only place I've found start-up content that was easy to digest and implement. I look forward to sharing my progress.” 


-AshleyMarie Marie, Founder, My Angel Lives


Grant Research & Writing


"Jennifer and her team are dedicated professionals who invest themselves in learning your business to find ways to incorporate their unique skills into helping you succeed! I highly recommend them!"

-Kiersten Adkins, MA, LPC, CCTP, Executive Director, Pathway To Hope



Signature Fundraising Event Development

"Jennifer Alexander and her team helped us to develop and implement our first virtual fundraising signature event which was an outstanding success!  Jennifer was detailed in her approach to making sure every aspect of our event was a success.  Our weekly meetings were very productive and helpful in moving things forward.  Jennifer was easy to work with and enthusiastic about our success. Her ability to think strategically through the entire process was marvelous.  She was able to successfully help us virtualized this event and was extremely instrumental in introducing several new components to the event, such as successfully setting up Text giving and our first ever Champions of Hope Nomination and award process.


I enthusiastically recommend Optimize Passion and Jennifer for any small to medium-sized nonprofit looking for strategic and tactical steps to successfully grow your organization."

-Dacia L. Moore, MA, LPC, NCC, Executive Director, GateWay of Hope
Grants Management, Marketing & Signature Fundraising Event Management
"I have worked with Jennifer Alexander both when I was a Board member at KC Mothers in Charge and she was on the staff, and now that I am on the staff there and we use Optimize Passion LLC for much of our grant work and marketing needs. In both cases, Jennifer has always been a very talented professional with a wide spectrum of knowledge, a tremendous attention to detail, and a very creative approach to telling the organization's story.  As a grant writer/manager, she is thoroughly knowledgeable about the potential funding opportunities available, and she does a meticulous job in pulling together and presenting all the information needed for every grant.  She is just as detail-oriented in following up on each grant and submitting the needed reports without ever missing a deadline.  She also provides needed assistance for our marketing and development needs, from writing copy and providing graphic design for collateral materials to identifying potential donors and crafting messages designed to meet their interests.  I also worked with her on several special events during her tenure working at KC MIC, and again, her attention to detail was extraordinary.  Her skills in pulling together logistics, programming, promotion, sponsorship solicitation and covering all facets of the event were excellent, and all of the events she handled were very successful in raising both funds and visibility for KC MIC.  I can enthusiastically endorse Jennifer and Optimize Passion for all of your nonprofit organization's needs in grants, marketing and event planning -- she and her team will do an excellent job for you every time."
-Barbara Mueth, Interim Administrative Director, KC Mothers in Charge
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