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The Grants Learning Community (GLC) is a group learning experience that prepares nonprofit leaders to be effective at navigating the grants world!  In order to prepare a strong grant application, the narrative portion of the application and the required attachments, exhibits and supporting documents need to be solid.

In GLC, you'll learn...

  • how to create a strong case statement or case for support (how to write a strong grant proposal narrative)
  • how to conduct grant opportunity research utilizing grant databases
  • the differences between private grants and government grants
  • how to write a letter of interest/inquiry and letter of intent (these aren't the same thing although they are all abbreviated LOI)
  • how to prepare for a funder meeting including what questions to ask a funder
  • how to read and prepare annual operating budgets, program/project budgets, and financial statements
  • how to read the IRS Form 990
  • how to create program logic models
  • how to create or strengthen an annual or impact report
  • and so much more!

In GLC, you'll gain and have access to...

  • professional group coaching/consultation
  • monthly group coaching calls
  • peer support (network of nonprofit leaders cheering for you!)
  • the benefit of receiving professional feedback and technical assistance for up to 5 grant application drafts
  • 2-year GLC membership which includes access to all resources, templates, and recorded coaching calls


If navigating the grants world is new to you, and the above learning outcomes and experiences sound like something you'd like to be a part of, you're invited to sign up for our next cohort.  Join the Grants Learning Community to get the support that you need in order to be confident and successful at grant seeking!


Next Cohort Opens: February 2023
If you're interested in joining the Nonprofit Grants Learning Community, please contact to schedule a video call to determine if this Learning Community will be a good fit for you. Each cohort is limited to 10 nonprofit organizations. 



Nonprofit Grants Learning Community

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