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At Optimize Passion, we believe that board development should be a year-round leadership practice, not just an activity that takes place when board members participate in an intensive board workshop, seminar, or training.  We believe outstanding board leadership extends beyond just having a head full of knowledge about the legal duties or roles and responsibilities of board members. 


That's why we will be offering a Board Development Learning Community, a supportive community of board members who have intentionally chosen to lead with integrity. 


The learning community is going to be thought-provoking, inspirational, fun and enjoyable!  Don't worry, it's not going to be a bunch of boring pre-recorded lectures and mechanical presentations.  You'll want to be a part of this!  


Benefits of joining the Nonprofit Board Development Learning Community: 
--Organizational access (all board members of your nonprofit get access) to a 1-year membership with the Nonprofit Board Development Learning Community 
--Learn how to be an empowering and transformative board member

--Learn how to thrive at governance and leadership while avoiding micromanagement which can severely cripple a nonprofit's growth potential 

--Learn how to recruit and retain other board members who can help catapult the nonprofit into its next season of growth

--Learn how to provide an immersive environment for new incoming board members

--Learn how to conduct meaningful individual and group board self-assessments 

--Access to Optimize Passion's board leadership and development resources
--Become part of a nonprofit village of support and gain a network of peers who not only relate to you but will celebrate and support you!


Next Cohort Opens: May 2023
If you're interested in joining the Nonprofit Board Development Learning Community, please contact to schedule a video call to determine if this Learning Community will be a good fit for you and the nonprofit that you lead. Each cohort is limited to 7 nonprofit organizations. 

Nonprofit Board Development Learning Community

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