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At Optimize Passion, we believe that leading with strategy should be a year-round nonprofit leadership practice, not just an activity that only takes place during an annual board or strategic planning retreat, or months-long "strategic planning season." 


While engaging in an annual board or strategic planning retreat is a helpful starting point, strategic planning shouldn't stop when the retreat concludes or when the written plan is "finalized."  Because the truth is, a strategic plan should never be set in stone. Much like an annual operating budget, a strategic plan should be fluid and tweaked when needed.


A strategic plan is created according to current nonprofit conditions and forecasted future nonprofit conditions (and we all know we cannot truly predict nor control the future). Because of this, nonprofit executive directors and boards should be intimately familiar with their strategic plan, regularly reviewing the plan, and revising it as needed. 


In today's constantly changing nonprofit environment, it is important to lead from a strategic perspective at all times.  That's why we will be offering a Nonprofit Strategic Planning Learning Community, a supportive community of nonprofit executive directors and board chairs who have intentionally chosen to continually lead with a strategic perspective, not just during "strategic planning season." 


The learning community is going to be thought-provoking, inspirational, fun and enjoyable!  Don't worry, it's not going to be a bunch of boring pre-recorded lectures and mechanical presentations.  You'll want to be a part of this!

Benefits of joining the Nonprofit Strategic Planning Learning Community: 
--Executive director & board chair access to a 12-month membership with the Nonprofit Strategic Planning Learning Community

--Gain clarity and learn practical strategies to ensure a thriving and effective executive director and board chair partnership when engaging in strategic planning
--Learn how to engage the board of directors so that they experience joy and incredible inspiration and take responsibility of the strategic planning process

--Learn how to approach and execute a culturally-relevant, empathetic and immersive strategic planning process among board and staff members

--Learn how to lead the staff through an organizational self-assessment of your administrative, financial, programmatic, fundraising, and HR/personnel capacities 

--Access to Optimize Passion's strategic planning & strategic decision making resources
--Become part of a nonprofit village of support and gain a network of peers who not only relate to you but will celebrate and support you!


Next Cohort Opens: May 2023
If you're interested in joining the Nonprofit Strategic Planning Learning Community, please contact to schedule a video call to determine if this Learning Community will be a good fit for you and the nonprofit that you lead. Each cohort is limited to 7 nonprofit organizations. 

Nonprofit Strategic Planning Learning Community

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