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Season 1: Resources

Useful for: Founders / board members & staff of nonprofits that have been operating for at least 1 year.  
Purpose: Provides a template for the nonprofit to report its impact in 2020.  
Tips for use: This is just a template so the headings are very basic.  Be creative and change the names of the headings to something more catchy.  Some sections may not apply to your nonprofit.  At the very least, your nonprofit should include information about your program impact and financial revenue/expenses. 
2020 was a very challenging year for nonprofits due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Consider including 2019 program impact numbers side-by-side with 2020 program impact numbers to show what program impact looks like during a "normal" year. 
Many grant funders will request an annual report so that they can review what type of impact your nonprofit is making, and how your nonprofit is keeping its doors open.  The program impact and financial overview sections capture this information.  
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Below are FREE resources for leaders of start-up nonprofits. 

To download, just click on the name the resource!  

The Nonprofit Startup 12-Month Roadmap (2 page PDF)

Board Member Interest Template (2 page PDF)

2020 Annual Report Template (5 page PDF)

Nonprofit Startup Roadmap_Page_2.png
Useful for: The nonprofit founder who has a great idea and would like to start a nonprofit organization that qualifies for 501c3 federal tax exemption status.  Also useful for founders / board members & staff of nonprofits that have already received 501c3 designation but still in the startup stage.  
Purpose: Provides a route for laying a strong foundation for a nonprofit's board structure, bookkeeping system, programs/services, brand, volunteer recruitment, communications & fundraising plans.  
Tips for use: Starting a nonprofit isn't always a step-by-step process.  Laying a strong foundation can also take more than 12 months.  Every nonprofit's startup journey is unique. This roadmap provides a possible course to follow for nonprofit leaders who are aiming to lay a strong foundation for all aspects of the nonprofit within a 12 month timeframe.  Remember, a map shows a route to a destination, but oftentimes there are several routes to the same destination.
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